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More on Proposition 8

Check out this opinion piece from the LA Times about Proposition 8 found on the Protect Marriage Website.  David Blankenhorn is a liberal democrat who is in favor of Prop. 8.  Interesting.


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  1. Fascinating article. One of my beefs with Prop 8 is the social effect that it will have down the line. Opening up this door will very likely open up a can of worms. If marriage no longer is limited to that between a consenting man and woman, why would it stop at a homosexual union? What about a consenting adult man and consenting teenage boy (as per NAMBLA)? What about a man and a goat? A man and three women? I am not crazy about the societal degeneration by way of a desensitization that comes with active acceptance. (This isn’t always bad, in previous generations the active acceptance I speak of can be attributed to the civil rights movement. Now we have a black man running for President. That is HUGE.)

    Back to the article: I respect the fact that the author is taking a very unpopular stand in a logical manner. He no doubt will be battered and deep fried for what he has said, but I highly respect someone that has that sort of integrity and conviction.

    Comment by Grace | September 24, 2008 | Reply

  2. I have read and am re-reading David’s book, “The Future of Marriage”. He is dead on target with his research on why marriage exists. I was mortified when I saw Oprah Winfrey parading young children across national tv talking about their orientation! Any child developement expert would tell you that not one of those kids should have been put in that position!! Read David’s book!!! What are we doing to our children! m

    Comment by Mike | September 29, 2008 | Reply

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