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Signage Evangelism

This sign has remarkably been up on a “prime” corner in my town for at least two months.  I am not sure I totally understand the message.

We have a sense of urgency:  LAST CALL!

That is a catchy opening.  I am sure that most people reading were given the appropriate sense of urgency that drove them to consider the remaining message.


Here we have that “hip” texting abbreviation.  Saves space and maybe some printing costs???  Double check that spelling, or another attempt at hip?

Then there is the critical closing:  WHO IS JESUS TO U?

Can anyone tell me the purpose of these kinds of attempts at evangelism?  I just don’t understand.  Even more, I find them offensive.  It is belittling to the gospel to trivialize the method we use  to proclaim the gospel.  Here we have the most critical message of history next to “Yard Sale this weekend”.  This is really a step down from my other favorite gospel medium:  bumper stickers.

So now we attach verses and fish to advertisements in the yellow pages and on telephone poles.  Here the call is to Christians, please, no unbelievers need respond.  Only Christians would be worthy to rent a room, and we wouldn’t want our evangelism to extend beyond signage.  Living with unbelievers is a threat to our holiness, so please don’t apply – just read our signs.

All of this was made famous by a guy named Rollen Stewart who used to hold up signs that simply read John 3:16 at sporting events while dressed like a clown with multi-colored hair.

This is not evangelism.  This is self-serving self promotion.  You know people like this, they just want to be on stage and would use anything to achieve that place, even the pretense of preaching the gospel.

When we do this we place the message of the cross next to “Go Chargers”, equating our allegiance to Christ with an allegiance to a sports team.  Could there be any quicker way to trivialize the gospel?

This methodology has also crept into our churches who are turning to gimmicks to draw crowds and subsequently to entertain the crowds once they are attracted.


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  1. So…is this the one that’s gonna make people mad or the one above this? :0)

    Comment by Ellen | September 23, 2008 | Reply

  2. Are any of those part of the whole enchilada movement?

    I M Redy

    Comment by Lana G! | September 23, 2008 | Reply

  3. If you don’t agree with sign evangelism, you don’t love Jesus. End of story. 🙂

    Comment by jamiesimko | September 24, 2008 | Reply

  4. […] Signage Evangelism, and Just Stupid Signage More Signage Evangelism in our small town.  These handmade signs pop up on a regular basis and they always have a […]

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  5. “This is not evangelism” led to a good friend of mine coming to know Jesus Christ, as she wondered what John 3:16 was, found a Bible and looked it up. It was evangelism to her.

    Comment by Brad | April 1, 2009 | Reply

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