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Herod’s Grave Found

27 years ago I visited the Herodium, located between Jerusalem and Bethlehem and was amazed at the site. Ehud Netzer has been excavating and researching the Herodium since 1972. He has discovered the site of Herod’s tomb. Amazing. Read the story here: Haaretz.

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Francis Beckwith and ETS

Francis Beckwith was the President of the Evangelical Theological Society (ETS). He has recently left his current church membership to return the the church of his youth and upbringing, The Roman Catholic Church. You can read about his decision in Right Reason.

A few comments.

Francis Beckwith can belong to any church he wants to belong to. Here is the first paragraph of his explanation:

During the last week of March 2007, after much prayer, counsel and consideration, my wife and I decided to seek full communion with the Roman Catholic Church. My wife, a baptized Presbyterian, is going through the process of the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA). This will culminate with her receiving the sacraments of Holy Communion and Confirmation. For me, because I had received the sacraments of Baptism, Communion, and Confirmation all before the age of 14, I need only go to confession, request forgiveness for my sins, ask to be received back into the Church, and receive absolution.

I can only guess that one of the sins that he would need to be forgiven of would be the sin of leaving the church, and corresponding to that the sin of belonging to a non-Roman Catholic church. Just a guess, and I am desirous of correction, but isn’t that the underlying presumption. Had Beckwith left whatever church he had been attending and come to our denomination, he wouldn’t have to repent of his association with that particular church. It is interesting to me that a church would demand that a man of Mr. Beckwith’s obvious spiritual stature. Would he not already have asked for forgiveness, and received it without a visit to the local confessional? But I am offended that his association with us would be considered something needing repentance.

I have never been a member of ETS, and have no standing or voice in that group – but it is interesting to me that they would have still allowed Beckwith to be a member in that organization. Their doctrinal statement is:

“The Bible alone, and the Bible in its entirety, is the Word of God written and is therefore inerrant in the autographs. God is a Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, each an uncreated person, one in essence, equal in power and glory.”

That’s it.

So back in the 80’s they kicked one of my favorite human beings out of their society for his views on the use of redaction in the New Testament. He still held to inerrancy. He still held a trinitarian position. But ETS is not a fan of redaction criticism so he was asked to leave. In recent years, Open Theists have been allowed to remain. And now, it would be OK to be a Roman Catholic and remain in ETS. I am sure there will be many discussions about this in their next meeting in November in San Diego. Maybe I will go.

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Roger Clemens Should be Ashamed of Himself

I am a baseball nut. Dodger brand. Still playing at 47 (old man’s version). Volunteer to umpire 7-8 year olds (Pinto in PONY Baseball). And my opinion is that Roger Clemens should be ashamed of himself ; the Yankees and George Steinbrenner should be ashamed of themselves.

I pay to play (our team is NCC, short for Nuevo Community Church)…and I would never play for “In His Image” or “Lighthouse” or any other team we compete against. Never. End of story. And we play for t-shirts. What is up with players who when they move on, move on to the rival? When Giambi jumped ship after coming so close to beating the dreaded Yankees, I wanted to puke! I still have a hard time when I see Jeff Kent in a Dodger’s uniform.

The problem with major league baseball, and pro sports in general is summed up in Roger Clemen’s form of extreme “free agency.” It should be against the rules to have a player “retire” just to sit out the first few months of the season and pick and choose where he will play. It isn’t good for baseball. It is a horrible precedent and doesn’t bode well for the future if it is allowed to continue. All that talk of Pettitte and Clemens going back to Houston to lead them to the pennant is an obnoxious memory. “Just do it,” or give back the cleats!! Don’t blame the run support, lots of teams have won without run support. Especially teams with “pitching.” Now they are both playing for the dark side. I am amending a funny bumper sticker for the occasion. “Frodo failed, Steinbrenner has the ring.”

Here is a plea for more players like Tony Gwynn possibly our era’s best hitter who played for the San Diego Padre’s his entire career. MLB needs more players like Cal Ripken, who didn’t have to chose which hat to wear upon entry to the Hall of Fame. Just so you don’t think I am picking on the Yankees – Jeter, Williams Posada and a list of others have been faithful to the Yankees; throw up your hands in protest. You don’t need Roger!!!

It is inevitable that players will change teams, either by trade or free agency – but that is not what is happening with Roger Clemens. He is selling out, for a cheap ring. At least work in Spring Training for your ring. He has more than enough money to buy a ring at Robbins Bros. And travel with your team. What happened to being a part of the team. This is a blog called the Temple so I will refrain from cliches about people who think they are too good for others.

Now the talking heads are justifying the move with statements like: “Roger’s a businessman.” What a crock. Roger is a thief. The fan’s deserve better than this. The fans of Houston deserve better. The fans of Boston and Toronto. The fans in New York. How is this baseball? He is making more money than the entire Tampa Bay Devil Rays roster, combined. Maybe I don’t understand the “business” end of baseball, but I do understand the game. This is not the game, so…

  • Here’s to a sore elbow and shoulder.
  • Here’s to Tampa Bay knocking him out in the second inning.
  • Here’s to a 6.50 era.
  • Here’s to Oakland beating the Yankees in the playoffs.
  • Here’s to Steinbrenner spending all his money and the Yankees coming in second place.
  • Here’s to the Yankees missing the wild card spot by 1 game to Minnesota.

I might even send up an imprecatory prayer or two, maybe God is a baseball fan.

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