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Thinking Clearly

“One of the great sins of organized religion is that people identify their perception of God with God, and claim that they possess the truth and that anybody that disagrees with them disagrees with God.”

John Shelby Spong


He is not one of my favorites, but listening to people with whom you strongly disagree can be a powerful thinking experience. Bishop Spong is one of those people with whom I strongly disagree in many areas, but challenges me as well. So, in keeping with my philosophy to challenge my thinking and not simply cultivate my own perspective I watched this video. It is long, but he is entertaining. Beware, it may make you angry. Iwould encourage you to hold in your anger and assess what parts of his presentation have merit.


The above quote was one of the things that stood out to me. Often we are guilty of holding on to “our perception” of God without challenging its truth value. Many things we believe about God are not biblical, hence not true. It is important to constantly hone our knowledge along the stone of the truth of God’s word so that we experience the sharp edge of the knowledge of God.

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January 2, 2007 - Posted by | Christianity, Philosophy, Quotes, Theological

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